N2 Cooling water OUT
N1 Cooling water IN
N4 Process/barrier medium OUT
N3 Process/barrier medium IN
N7/N8 Process/barrier circuit vent
N5 Cooling circuit vent
N6 Cooling water drain



Heat exchangers of the WED range are used to cool process/barrier fluids in seal supply circuits. Designed as a tubular heat exchanger with integrated guide plates, the process/barrier medium is directed through the shell of the WED and the cooling medium through the tubes.

Circulation based on API 682 / ISO 21 049: Plan 21, Plan 22, Plan 23, Plan 41


  • Tubular heat exchanger design with integrated guide plates, extremely efficient cooling capacity yet very compact dimensions
  • Cooling capacity up to 36 kW*
  • Universal usage: parts in contact with the medium are made of 1.4571
  • It can be installed either in vertical or horizontal position
  • The heat exchanger can be dismantled: easy to clean

Standards and approvals

  • PED 2014/68/EU (Design and production in accordance with EU Pressure EquipmentDirective)
  • ASME VIII, Div. 1 (Design, calculation and production)


Cooling water side: it can be cleaned mechanically after the cover is removed.
Process/barrier medium side: flush with a suitable solvent.

Product variants

Designation WED2130/A100 WED3110/A100 WED3050/A001-00
Tube Shell Tube Shell Tube Shell
Design code PED 2014/68/EU PED 2014/68/EU PED 2014/68/EU
Allowable pressure1) 25 bar
(363 PSI)
130 bar
(1,885 PSI)
25 bar
(363 PSI)
110 bar
(1,595 PSI)
16 bar
(232 PSI)
50 bar
(725 PSI)
Allowable temperature1) 150 °C (302 °F) 150 °C (302 °F) 300 °C (572 °F)
Volume (liters) 0.23 1.4 0.75 1.8 0.75 1,8
Cooling surface (m2) 0.2 0.5 0.5
Cooling capacity (kW)2) 6 36 36
Net weight (approx.) 14 kg (31 lb) 24 kg (53 lb) 24 kg (53 lb)
Metal parts 1.4571 1.4571 1.4571
O-Rings Viton® Viton®
Gaskets PTFE PTFE Statotherm / Novaphit
Screws Stainless steel A4-70 Stainless steel A4-70 Stainless steel A4-70

Other versions on request.

1) These values are based on the calculation of strength.
2) The cooling performance depends on the available fluids, their temperatures and flow rates. Please contact EagleBurgmann for professionally selecting the correct heat exchanger.

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