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With years of extensive experience in sealing technology, we have demonstrated our knowledge and capacity for innovation in numerous projects all around the world. Discover the exciting challenges we have faced and how we overcame them.

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Preventing energy from evaporating into thin air

The Indian company Thermax supports operators in using resources more efficiently, thereby reducing costs and environmental impact. For example, Thermax manufactures heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) that extract energy from turbine exhaust gases and increase turbine efficiency. Fabric expansion joints are crucial components in HRSGs and have to withstand temperatures of up to 600 °C. When selecting suppliers for an important export project at a petrochemical plant in Nigeria, Thermax did not want to take any risks – and went for tried and tested expansion joint solutions from EagleBurgmann.  

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A Partnership to build on

Our modern civilization is quite literally built upon cement. Today, building materials made from cement are used in buildings, roads, bridges, dams etc. Cement production is a heat-intensive process and causes thermal expansion in duct systems. To compensate this, Indian cement producer Ramco Cement needed fabric expansion joints with a diameter of several meters for two of their plants. On the basis of a close collaboration, EagleBurgmann was able to design components that increase the efficiency of the plant in the long run.

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Rotates silently and unobtrusively

Sealing the agitator shaft of a mobile vessel is a very special task when dealing with a process in vaccine production. Liquid lubricated seals offer the best conditions for this application. However, the operation of dry contacting seals is more convenient and just as reliable as it is safe.

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Reliable storage of crude oil

Special expansion joints from  EagleBurgmann compensate for these position changes and work reliably even under unfavorable conditions such as low temperatures, proximity to the sea and explosive environments. 

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EagleBurgmann offers reliable sealing solutions for the production of shampoo.

Whether it’s for more volume, for more sheen, for dyed hair or for a well-groomed beard – the choice of shampoos seems practically endless nowadays. Only few people ever think about what happens before their favorite product is placed on the supermarket shelf. The production of hair wash products can be a great challenge for cosmetics companies. A variety of raw materials with different physical and chemical properties has to be processed. Canan Kozmetik, a sub-brand of L’Oréal based in Istanbul, faced a long period of constant downtimes and high maintenance costs due to seal failures. A solution was found by experts from EagleBurgmann in the form of cartridge seals with the innovative DiamondFace® Technology.

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Refinery pump - maximum leak tightness

When media with hydrocarbons are pumped, seals in pumps can be exposed to high temperatures and wear caused by solids. The safety standards are high to protect the environment and personnel from leaking media. EagleBurgmann developed a robust solution with reliable safety properties for a refinery.

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Does not blow off steam

A boiler circulation pump in a power plant conveys very hot and pressurized water. The pump has no cooling jacket, which increases the risk of a thermosiphon effect.

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Clean sealing solution for demanding crystal production

Seals are a risk factor in the production of liquid crystals. If there is even the slightest contamination of the liquid crystals, this will later affect the image quality of the display. Read on to see which sealing solution Merck KGaA uses in paddle dryers for the production of liquid crystals.

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United States

Sustainability through Technology

Water scarcity is one of the core issues of our time. As a leading global enterprise for the provision of efficient and sustainable water cycle technologies, Xylem is committed to fighting water shortages through innovative and resourceconserving solutions.

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Flexible and hygienic expansion joints for dairy products

By means  of custom-made PLUG & RUN expansion joints  with a more wear-resistant material, EagleBurgmann was able to provide a solution which ideally fulfills the requirements with regard to wear while at the same time significantly reducing the changeover time.

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Powerful partnerships for clean air

EagleBurgmann supports shipbuilders, shipping companies and conversion companies globally with metal expansion joints for the flexible attachment of a scrubber within the exhaust gas system of a ship.

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United Kingdom

Separation seal breakthrough improves UK gas grid compressor reliability

The reliability of centrifugal compressors in gas grids are of the highest social and economic importance for network operators. Compressor performance and availability are closely related to the effectiveness of sophisticated compressor shaft sealing technology. Here, EagleBurgmann developed a new sealing concept which ensures better compressor availability: the coaxial separation seal CobaSeal.

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Maximum robustness for centrifugal compressors

Upgrading oil-lubricated seals to seals with dry gas seal technology on centrifugal compressors offers attractive benefits for the operator: considerable cost savings, emission reduction and longer MTBM (Mean Time Between Maintenance). However, the technical realization is challenging and tricky.

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Robust component in ensuring sterile vaccine production

In the highly sensitive production of vaccines, only a few barrier media and materials are approved for mechanical seals. If steam condensate is to lubricate silicon carbide sealing surfaces, premature wear is inevitable. How it actually does work is demonstrated by the case of an internationally operating pharmaceutical company.

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10 years ahead

Between June 2017 and March 2019 the Hengli Group constructed an integrated refining and chemical complex in the Chinese harbor town Dalian where 20 million tons of crude oil are processed every year. EagleBurgmann advised the company Hengli concerning the selection of mechanical seals and supply systems for the whole plant and supplied more than 95 % of the components in use. 

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Seals the superlatives of shafts

A seal for a shaft diameter of 550 mm (21.65") – an absolutely thrilling dimension for EagleBurgmann. In close cooperation with the customer, we developed a durable and robust solution to help increase the overall efficiency of the pump in an Austrian reservoir power plant.

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United Kingdom

Service life of three years and more

Barrier fluid for seals is a risk factor in the pharmaceutical industry as it could contaminate the active ingredients produced. A globally active company is playing it safe and replacing liquid lubricated mechanical seals in paddle-wheel dryers with dry-running mechanical seals.

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Mixing without risk

When the process medium in the production of metformin may not be contaminated with sealing medium under any circumstances, gas-lubricated seals for agitator shafts are the first choice. The Norwegian company Vistin Pharma took a daring step away from oil-lubricated to nitrogen overlayed seals.

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United Kingdom

Ready for dry running

Constantly changing operating conditions place extreme demands on pump seals in the production of antibiotic active ingredients. DiamondFace technology significantly extends the life of seals and enables the reduction of stock costs through rationalization.

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Saudi Arabia

Saving the day

A chemicals company in the Middle East uses the refrigerant R134A-Freon in the production of toluene diisocyanate (TDI). Shortly after the refrigeration plant is commissioned, the seal of a magnetic coupling pump fails. Quick help was called for.

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Feuer und Flamme_DRO_Head3

100 percent performance at 300 degrees

Things get hot in rotary kilns, very hot in fact. In the production of cement, for example, the thermometer measures more than 1,000 degrees Celsius. Sealing systems from EagleBurgmann, a company of the Freudenberg Group and EKK, make sustainable contributions to environmental protection, energy efficiency and process reliability under these "fiery" high-temperature conditions.

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